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Our Sausalito Plumbing Contractors Install Eco-Friendly Fixtures

A Sausalito Plumbing Contractor Can Install Low Flow FixturesIf you have been looking for a way to save on your water bill, installing low flow toilets and fixtures may be the way to go. Replacing your old toilet with a low flow variety you could be saving up to 5 gallons per flush. If you have a large family, this could save 50 or more gallons a day (18,250 gallons a year).

To figure out the savings for your family, divide that number by 748 (this is 1 Ccf, the number of gallons in the standard unit used by utilities to calculate costs) and multiply that by your cost per Ccf. If your cost is $5 per Ccf, the yearly savings on toilet flushes is $122.

Our Sausalito plumbing contractors know if you pay sewer fees, they are likely the same as the water costs, so you'll actually save $244 on those flushes.

Low Flow is the Way to Go!

Our Sausalito Plumbing Contractors Suggest Installing Low Flow ToiletsInstalling low flow shower heads and faucets can save your family another 500 gallons each. Think about the number of these in your home, you've got one faucet and shower head in each full bath, a faucet in the kitchen and each half bath, and a faucet in the laundry room. So if you have a 2 ½ bath home, you have 5 faucets and 2 shower heads; 7 fixtures in total. That's another 3500 gallons saved. Or $47 saved. You've now saved just shy of $300 a year on water.

Replacing the entire fixture isn't necessary on each faucet. There are aerators that screw on and deliver the same water savings. They run about $10 at local hardware or home improvement stores. Once you've tasted the savings that water saving fixtures can give, it won't be long until you start looking into solar and tankless water heaters.

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